The music that inspired me to write

Hallelujah! I’ve finally figured out how to insert videos in my posts. I’m fairly certain most writers use music to inspire them as they write. I am no different. And from my experience I’ve learned that I don’t pick the music that inspires me, the music picks me.

I’ve always loved the band Within Temptation. I wouldn’t say I’m a fan of symphonic rock, but Within Temptation has always been one of my favorites. As I wrote, I discovered that many of this band’s songs captured the way I was feeling as I wrote.

And of course, Ed Sheeran was on repeat for most of my writing days.

I still haven’t found the right soundtrack for my current writing project, but here are the songs that carried me through the first.

I love this song. It’s so powerful and I always imagined Mara’s strength as I listened to it.

This is one of my favorites and the video is absolutely gorgeous. Once again, I found this video really captured Mara’s struggle through the book.

This is another beautiful video. I usually listened to this while writing as Malcolm.

I am a HUGE Ed Sheeran fan, and so it’s no surprise that this song always brought me to Mara and Corbin

This one always reminded me of Corbin

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