Spotlight: Lillian Holmes and The Leaping Man by Ciar Cullen

Being an unmarried woman in the 1890’s is hard. Becoming a female detective is even harder. But for Lillian Holmes, that’s what she dreams about. The only problem is, in her search for the truth, her own buried secrets might tear her apart.

Defying the conventions of her time, Lillian is determined to become a detective like her favorite fictional character. But when she witnesses a man fleeing the scene of the most recent crime, she soon discovers that the murderer is something more than just a man – he’s something unnatural. And she will stop at nothing to prove it.

What starts as a game of cat and mouse, quickly turns into a deadly dance between Lillian and the suspect, George. But there’s a fine line between love and hate, and soon Lillian finds herself caught amid the storm of her own lies and George’s truth. And while she becomes obsessed with catching him, he might be the only one who can set her free.


If you haven’t had a chance to check out Lillian Holmes and The Leaping Man yet, I highly recommend it. The historical detail is fascinating and the story is filled with mystery and intrigue. The antihero, George, is a villain you want to hate, but can’t. Like Lillian, he has his own crosses to bear, but despite his malevolence, even he can’t fight the shred of humanity that still lives inside of him.


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