You wrote a book! And someone isn’t excited for you.

Ignore the glum post title for a moment, please.

Tomorrow is the official release day of The Darkness of Light!!! While it’s been available through most distributors for almost a month, the blog tour begins tomorrow. I’ve never done a blog tour before, so I have no idea what to expect from it, but I hope it casts enough light on my book.

Okay, now to the blog topic.

I’m sure every author can relate to this issue. There’s always that one, or maybe two people in your life who could give two shits about the fact that you wrote a book. Others are excited for you, your friends gush about how much they love it, and then that one, seemingly underwhelmed person, mentally roll their eyes when the book is brought up. They become quiet, they add nothing to the conversation, they certainly haven’t read it, they don’t share or even like your updates on FB, and they don’t care to know what you blog about (which is why I feel fine writing this post).

I’m not so sure if I’m hurt by this or just utterly confused. Okay, I’m definitely hurt, but I’m definitely confused, too. How can a person who’s so close to me not mirror my excitement when everyone else does? How can this person seem indifferent to anything and everything that has to do with my book? I don’t think it’s a jealously issue. There’s nothing to be jealous of. I didn’t strike it rich with my debut novel and I worked really, REALLY hard to write it. So it’s not like it just happened TO me, yah know? Maybe it’s an annoyance issue. Maybe this person is irritated by the fact that I have something to be happy about.

Either way, I try not to let it get to me, but it does. It casts a dark shadow of uncertainty on me. It takes away from my own excitement. I feel it. And despite their assertions that they’re happy for me, the truth is in their action and reaction.

Maybe I’m being selfish, expecting people to react a certain way. Maybe I’m being ridiculous, letting someone else effect my emotions. Maybe…

Has anyone else experienced this or am I the only one?


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3 responses to “You wrote a book! And someone isn’t excited for you.”

  1. I feel like the person is being rude. Maybe they don’t care about books and they have no interest in reading yours, but they should be happy for your achievement. That’s what friends do, right? For example, I have a friend whose into photography. I could care less about photography, but when she won an award, I was excited for her. She achieved something important to her. How could that make me anything less than happy?

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