Launch Party Success!

Happy Monday, everyone! I don’t know why, but I’m always extra positive on Mondays. My optimism today might be the result of the book launch party we had on Friday. It was amazing! We had a great turnout and sold a lot of books. It was my first time signing books, so that was weird, but I think I’ve finally mastered my signature.

Here’s how it all went down…

My friend and I scouted bookstores in town to see who would want to host a launch party. Whether you’re an indie author or a traditionally published author, bookstores LOVE hosting signings and launches. It gets people into their store to buy books! So remember that when you feel hesitant to ask a bookseller if they’ll host you.

Anyway, after scouting bookstores my friend, Libby, and I decided that a private invite-only event would better fit our needs. Then we wouldn’t have to worry about people arriving on time and we could serve alcohol…which I definitely needed! Plus, it’s a lot easier to entice people with free drinks (wink wink).  Libby has a gorgeous…I mean GORGEOUS house, and when she suggested having it there I said, YES! My friends did an amazing job at putting things together. Just look at this spread!

IMG_0916 IMG_0918

And we had a little set-up where I would sign books


Then the party was underway. People drank, ate some food….


And once everyone was good an liquored up, they took a seat so we could talk about my book. I wish I had better pictures of that, but my husband was the photographer and he should never be given a camera…EVER. Anyway, I decided not to do a reading because I felt like my Canadian accent wouldn’t do my British characters justice. So instead I talked about the book, how I wrote it, what’s next in the series and did a Q&A. I think the Q&A was my favorite part because it gave me a good idea of what really interests people.

Then we got to signing. Some even bought 2-3 books. Others wanted me to write dirty messages in their books, which I totally did!


The end result was a very laid back evening that didn’t stress me out too much. I find attention to be very unnerving, but this intimate type of setting was perfect for me. We sold out of books and a few of the attendees said they would bring my book to their book clubs. I’d love to do a book club talk.

After the books were signed and most of the crowd left, we spent the rest of the night just hanging out. It was a lot of fun and a great experience. I still don’t love attention. I really struggled with an entire party being about me, but when I saw how excited and supportive everyone was, even those I’d never met, my anxiety quickly went away.

Thank you to every who came out and to my friends who put it all together. I love you all.




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