Release day countdown

As the countdown to release day approaches (3 months), I find myself incredibly excited and incredibly terrified all at the same time.

My cover reveal, and the final edits have made this dream start to feel more like a reality. I can say this is probably the most exciting time in the process of writing. You’ve worked exceptionally hard, put your blood, sweat, and tears into something and now it’s a finished product on its way to publication.

This is also the most exciting part because you’ve hiked up the mountain of writing, and now you’re standing on a cliff. You don’t know if you’ll fly or fall when you jump, but the hope of flying is enough to make you smile every hour of the day. The fear of falling creeps in there from time to time as well, but you never know…you might just fly.

It’s scary to think that many people you know, and many people you don’t, will be reading something you’ve written. They could love it or hate it and there’s no way to know which it’s going to be. That is TERRIFYING.

But the good news is, the dream is bigger than the doubt.

These next three months will probably feel like they drag on AND fly by. I still have a lot to do in preparation for release day, but I’m ready to jump, I just hope my wings are strong enough.

Here’s the cover again…Just cause it’s AWESOME!


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  1. Awesome! Great title as well! Tammy, do you think it is a good idea to get a professional edit done on your manuscript when you are just beginning to shop it around for agents?

    • Absolutely! I had mine edited prior to querying because A) I wanted it to be in the best shape and B) because I wanted to learn what I was doing wrong. I learned SO much from the first edit. And now my writing is better because of it. Once you learn your weaknesses, you may be able to query other projects without a professional edit. But I needed it at first in order to learn.

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