Editing Sale!

20% OFF ALL Editing Services if Scheduled Between March 20th-May 20th!

Email: TammyFarrellAuthor@Outlook.com

*Projects can be scheduled for any time in 2023

Do you have a manuscript, short story, or blurb you’re struggling with? Do you want an extra set of eyes on your project before you query or publish?

I’d love to help you. I am a fiction editor and independent historical fantasy author with a passion for words. I attended Athabasca University, majoring in English Literature with a minor in Ancient Western Civilizations. I’m experienced in editing Young Adult, New Adult, and Adult fiction. I’ve spent the last few years concentrating on my own projects but I’m happy to announce that I am once again able to offer my editing services to aspiring and published authors.


*Currently on sale for 20% off ALL Editing Services

$0.010 per word for projects 10,000 words or more. For smaller projects or fast turn around times, contact me for pricing.

Critique partners are wonderful but are they really giving your project the attention it deserves? Before any line editing or proofreading is done, a thorough developmental edit can make your writing go from good to fantastic. This is my specialty. My job as your developmental editor is to evaluate your work and help you with plot, pacing, character development, consistency, voice, dialog, and world building. I will also help you catch spelling and grammatical errors (but this does not count as a comprehensive line edit).

My goal is to pinpoint your strengths, while helping you identify and work on problem areas in your writing. Let’s face it, we all have them. When we’re done working together I want you to feel confident in your project and ready for the next step.


$0.006 per word for projects 10,000 words or more. For fast turn around (48 hours or less), contact for special pricing.

If you’ve already had your work edited and corrected, perhaps you need a fresh pair of eyes on it before you publish or query. I will scour your manuscript for spelling, grammatical, and punctuation errors to give you the confidence to present your project and get one step closer to publication.


$45 for a blurb critique

Some say the blurb is the hardest part to write. And they’re not wrong. The blurb is what catches the reader’s attention, making or breaking a sale. No pressure, right? Well, the good news for you is, I love writing blurbs. They’re my specialty. Once or twice I’ve been called a “blurbologist.” Okay, maybe I made that name up, but I love writing them. I have helped many authors create attention grabbing blurbs, and I’d be happy to help you perfect or construct yours.


“I can’t recommend her enough. When she’s not available for me I have a meltdown and if you try to take my scheduled time I’ll c-ut you.

She’s a precious commodity and I’m not above sweeping the leg to keep my project at the top of the pile.

Just kidding. As far as you know.” – Desiree LaFawn.

“Tammy edited my short novella, Breaking the Skin, and was wonderful to work with. She is extremely thorough while allowing the writer to retain their unique voice. She also worked with me for a quick turn-around, which I really appreciated. I wouldn’t hesitated to use Tammy’s services again.” – P. Jameson, Bestselling Paranormal Romance Author. 

“Tammy is detail-oriented, thorough, and easy to work with. She adds richness to your story without losing your voice.” – Kristen Strassel, Romance Author. 

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