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The Dia Chronicles is Making a Comeback!

Changes are happening

You may have noticed my site looks different. That’s because we’re working on a rebrand. You may also wonder why my books are no longer available on the usual platforms. Well, there’s a good reason for that. All of my books are getting a facelift: new covers and bonus scenes! And the long-awaited book three will be available soon.

Please be patient as we work to get things going. I will post release dates when I have them. I promise it will be worth the wait.


The Darkness of Light (second edition) . . . An ancient race of beings has vanished from the earth. Their descendants, not wholly mortal or god, but something in between, are dwindling. For nineteen-year-old Mara Black, her destiny begins on the day of an execution. And with a price on her head, the whole realm is out to get the reward. Nowhere is safe until she meets two men who promise her protection in a veiled fortress known as Valenia. But something dark is brewing at Valenia. And when one of her protectors sets his sights on her—and her power—he becomes her captor. With an ancient power on the line, Mara must overcome what has been done to her and get back what was stolen. Blood will be shed, brother will turn against brother, and one young woman will fight to save them all—or die trying.   

A new adult historical fantasy set in the Bythronic kingdom of Dumnonia during the 6th century. This violent and seductive tale takes readers on a journey of legend, love, betrayal, and revenge.  

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